Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Lollipop Pop's party is now but a memory. 
There was a lot of laughing,visiting and smiling. 
 I am still compiling pictures to share, but could not wait to write this post.
I am not sure how the idea came about and my parents are off gallivanting, so I can't ask them. 
But at some point during the evening, it was remembered that my Dad is 81 and that is what the party goers saw from the yard....an idea was born!
I asked my Dad to come back out the following day for a photo - op. 
He was game and I am thrilled.
Grandfather and granddaughter together make me happy. 
These two are pretty special people and I am proud to be the tie that connects them.


Monday, May 4, 2015

A Number

Image result for 24

Twenty -four.
The number of my son's favorite NASCAR driver.
The number of hours in a day.
The TV show that we watched each week for a couple seasons and then I lost interest.
The age I got married.
The number of years that I have been married as of TODAY.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Party Prep

It seems as though the prep for our girl's 18th birthday has been happening for a long time! 
Lollipop Pop and her best friend celebrated their 18th birthdays last week, two days apart. 
They thought it would be fun to have a party together. 
 The bestie is moving to South Dakota next month and college calls to our girl.
Several weeks ago, my niece took some terrific photos of these girls for their invitations.

The tissue paper tassel garland is done and staying untangled on the Christmas garland nails on the wall that never were taken down.

The burlap garland has been painted with greetings and then had its edges glued to prevent fraying which we discovered needed doing when we did a trial run of its placement for the party.
The centerpieces will have the girls' photos coming out the top and will be surrounded by candles and a few fresh flowers.

I actually tried my hand at making citronella candles.
I used some beeswax I had as well as melting old candles down with a crayon. 
  The only tip I have is don't let the double boiler go dry. 
 Your house will have the refreshing scent of burned pot.

For months and months, I have seen a house down the street with cafĂ© style lights in their backyard.  It just looks festive. 
I told my hubby and son to take a look and see if we could wrangle something like that up in the yard. 
What they have created is beyond my dreams and I am thrilled! 

Some wire cutters and final touches to a cool ampersand sign I have.  

I touched up the worst spots in the pool with paint and it was filled yesterday while we irrigated the trees.
Will probably be pumping the water out again into the orchard when the party is over, but for now it is filled and offers a softer landing.

And our youngest was thrilled. 
Crazy, but thrilled!
I repainted this direction sign and am in love! 
 BUT I forgot to take a photo of it until after dark.
I'll share it soon.
I am excited to see if everything comes together like it looks in my mind.
Regardless, the girls will be happy and that is what counts.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

A Look Back

April 30, 2009
Looking back at this recount of the 4-H fair makes me laugh!
I seem to think I am busy this year with life, but I was a crazy woman back then! 
I still remember pulling Lollipop Pop (she was Sweet Pea then) out of school one day to bake her fair entries because she had so many! 
Good Grief!
This year, one child entered the photography competition and that's it.
We were involved in making the 4-H Club's banner and that is now complete.
The theme is "Chicks Dig It"

 It will be a little more hectic when we add a decorated cake and a show rabbit to the mix in a couple weeks for our local fair, but my crazy days are behind me...well at least when it comes to 4-H.

April 29, 2010
This was one of my two giveaways I tried. 
 I had grandiose plans that it would bring oodles of viewers and followers to my blog. 
 It didn't.
It's okay.
 My Mom's cards are still my favorite gift to give people though and to have had Pioneer Woman mention them way back when was awesome too.

April 29, 2011
This sentiment seems to be consistent each year about this time!

April 29, 2012
 I love the idea of no TV and would love to try that for a month this summer with my family. 
It was a good way to budget my computer time, though.

April 29, 2013
 Boy do I miss having the Iris Farm down the street. 
 It was such fun to see at this time of year.
The family relocated their business to Idaho and this is what the former field of color looks like today...same spot.
 Makes me sad.
I even miss the old barn.

April 29, 2014
Hummingbirds are in abundance again this year. 
They are persistence and VERY vocal when their feeders are empty, though.
They face the window and chatter at me.
 I feel like I am being told off or yelled at. 
 Actually, I think I am.
Happy Thursday!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Proud Mama Here

It is official.
We have a Warrior in our midst.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sunday Truism

  In the same way, younger people, be subject to the elders.
Humility towards one another must be the garment you all wear constantly, because God opposes the proud but accords his favour to the humble.
 Bow down, then, before the power of God now, so that he may raise you up in due time;
 unload all your burden on to him, since he is concerned about you.
~First Peter 5:5-7

Friday, April 24, 2015

A Beginning

Tonight marks the end of an enormously hectic week.
  It was hectic for all the right reasons, though. 
Lollipop Pop will receive the Sacrament of Confirmation this evening.
 While the ceremony physically marks the end to a busy week, this Sacrament marks a new beginning in her life. 
I recently came across an article that explained this special Sacrament with words I had not put together in my own mind but they ring so true.
It is short and explains a lot.
 My emotions have been close to the surface recently and I am certain they will spill out in tears as I watch our amazing daughter tonight.