Friday, November 28, 2014

English versus Western

Sugar Plum Fairy competed in her second horse show and  rode in some English classes for the first time. 

She really enjoys it but was tested a bit.
  The weather was strange and many of the horses were a bit naughty. 
 She nearly fell off at one point, but really did a great job getting her horse under control and taking charge.
  She worked through her emotions and continued on. 

She had a full day with Western classes in the afternoon.
This girls loves to lope.

It is so much fun to watch all of these young ladies ride and support each other. 
She still deems riding lessons her best gift ever.
What a full weekend, but well worth it.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Turkey Day!

Too bad I didn't have these instructions before having our Turkey Dinner last weekend
Step 1 -  Buy a turkey
Step 2 -  Have a glass of wine
Step 3 -  Stuff turkey
Step 4 -  Have a glass of wine
Step 5 -  Put turkey in the oven
Step 6 -  Relax and have a glass of wine
Step 7 -  Turk the bastey
Step 8 -  Wine of glass another get
Step 9 -  Hunt for meat thermometer
Step 10 - Glass yourself another pour of wine
Step 11 - Bake the wine for 4 hours
Step 12 - Take the oven out of the turkey
Step 13 -  Tet the sable
Step 14 - Grab another wottle of bine
Step 15 - Turk the carvey!
Sugar Plum Fairy 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Random Ramblings

I  gave blood for the first time last summer and will never forget my type.
Just like all of my school grades, right Mom and Dad?
I do have a bit of catching up to do, though.
  My Dad has donated more than 100 times. 
Sugar Plum Fairy started taking English riding lessons several months ago because she wants to learn to jump.
Anyway, she forgot to place the cover on her saddle twice.
 After being reminded both times, she was told if she forgot again, she would not be able to use stirrups. 
We created this reminder.
 It is on a string that is hooked on her helmet strap.
When she gets in the car, she hangs it on the seat in front of her.
After her lesson, she sees it and if the cover was not done, she does it.
This couple was in the doctor's office and she was filling out paperwork. 
 Loudly, she exclaimed, "How am I supposed to know the dates of my Ceseareans?!"
Hmmmm...I'm sure glad she's not in charge of MY birthday celebrations.

This was on my phone and I have no idea what it is but I like it.
After running out of water for a week in our domestic well, we were able to lower the pump a whopping 6 1/2 feet. 
We are now at the bottom. 
We have purchased this tank which is now plumbed to the agriculture will be plumbed from there to our domestic well thus allowing water from the ag well to flow from our faucets if and when the need arises.
Our youngest has learned the hard way that if a donut is left unfinished, someone will snag it for themselves.
 She remedied that with this lovely note. 
 Having an older brother makes one resourceful.
We had a yard sale in October and I broke down and sold these chairs.
I bought them with my Mom at Pier 1 when I was pregnant with Chris. 
They were known in our house as the "thinking chairs".
 Do you remember "Blue's Clues"?
It was a favorite show in our house when the kids were little.
The chairs needed to be reupholstered in the worst way and I knew I would never do away they went. 
A photo was requested for one last photo for posterity.
It seems that there were other yard sales occurring that weekend.
 Not sure what these folks were selling.
This creation is one of my favorites.
 I plan on putting some molding around the perimeter, but then again, I still have not put up the crown molding in our master bedroom.
We did the painting 10 years ago.
 Don't hold your breathe on the molding on my jewelry board.
This little guy found us several weeks ago. 
Skinny and very timid. 
The other dogs initially did their job at trying to run him off.
 I placed ads and called shelters.
Then my hubby named him.
I fed him.
Smokey defended him and he is now apparently here to stay.
Lollipop Pop has completed her college applications. 
This one had us perplexed. 
 She had already confirmed her California residency...
"I have lived in California since I moved here" and "I don't live in California".
Mom and I went out to lunch and had a day together with no worries or concerns.
Nothing better.
I received my new contacts. 
They feel wonderful and I haven't sent a weird text since....

People who leave carts in the parking lot drive me batty. 
 Especially when the cart is left next to the return. 
Seriously people. 
Another pet peeve...gas pumps that are not uniform in their placement of the different grades of gas. Regular should be on the left and work its way up to the left.
Am I the only one who hits the incorrect button?
Maybe I just need to slow down and read. 
I wouldn't purchase Supreme gas when I really want regular and I might come home with 4 tomato soup for a specific recipe instead of a random chicken soup residing in the wrong slot.
Maybe those new contacts are to blame?
The written word in my life means the world to me...whether it comes in the form of a note left for me to find after I have prepared breakfast and taken the author to school...
...or my Mom's stuffing recipe.  The splattered, tears and smudges only prove how much I love this.
We celebrated Thanksgiving with my parents last weekend and may I just say that this one in particular was extra meaningful.
 I only wish my sister and her family could have joined us. 

I'm done.
Oh, wait!
Last night, I got to watch my daughter, niece and nephew be inducted into the National Honor Society.
Well, the girls had basketball practice and were a few minutes late, but we could not be more proud of these three.
NOW I'm done.
If you stuck with me through this entire tirade and randomness, you get a brownie point!
Woo Hoo!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Gratulasjon med dagen

When I move this sweet couple to my kitchen windowsill, it means winter is on its way. 
 My Norwegian sister's Mom made it for me years ago and ithey still make me smile.
Today is that Norwegian sister's birthday
 I am wishing her a day filled with her family and much love and laughter.
We love you!
We miss you too!

Monday, November 24, 2014

A Quick and Easy Side Dish

I made a super easy side dish that the girls really enjoyed. 
They thought the orange pieces were sweet taters, and I did not correct them until it was all gone.  Sneaky, I know.
Anyway, it is Pioneer Woman's recipe and I rarely have gone wrong with those. 
 Super easy.
I diced half a butternut squash and threw it into a skillet with some olive oil and a bit of butter.
To this I added the salt and pepper and a dash of cayenne. 
 Ree used chili powder, but my jar was empty and I was to lazy to refill it then.
Anywhoo...cooked the squash...errrrrrr sweet tater until there was a yummy golden color and then removed it from the pan....a tad more olive oil (she used more butter) and I added the kale to the skillet. 
I like using kale because it keeps some texture and body, unlike spinach that would have wilted into nothingness.
Throw the squash back in with the kale until hot and serve. 
P.W. also suggested other serving options...with risotto, pasta, quesadillas.
I served it as a side and loved it. 
It is a keeper. 
 We'll see if it is consumed with as much gusto now that they know it is the dreaded squash.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunday Truism

Thanksgiving 2011
Gratitude is the sign of noble souls

Saturday, November 22, 2014

A Rose that Reminds

 My father in law's birthday rose did not fail in provided a blossom today.
 The blossoms might not be as vibrant and abundant as in years past, but they are there and we are reminded of a very special man on his birthday,